2017’s Best Cisco Certifications

2017’s Best Cisco Certifications

September 11, 2018, This article explains the top Cisco Certifications for 2017. CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE Certifications. It is designed for professionals who want to earn a Cisco certification. This course will provide information about the benefits, salary expectations, job opportunities, requirements and cost of these certifications.
Cisco offers certifications for networking professionals to help them gain more knowledge in IT networking. These certifications are essential for IT professionals who wish to succeed in the networking field. It helps you understand the workings of different network topologies. Cisco offers certification in five levels: entry, associates, professionals, experts, expert, and architect. There are also 8 paths. Now the question is: Which are the best 2017 certifications? Which certification will provide the most knowledge? The best Cisco Certifications in 2017 are security, cyber ops and collaboration. CCNA and CCNP are the most well-known certifications currently.
CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) Certification
Associate level Cisco Certification, CCNA Certification. This certification is the most sought-after in networking and is currently in high demand at most IT companies. After obtaining CCNA Certification, professionals can start their careers as network administrators and engineers. There are many types to CCNA, including security, collaboration, design and industrial plants. CCNA Routing & Switching is the objective associate level exam.
A CCNA-certified professional can set up, operate, configure, and troubleshoot switched networks. He can establish a connection in a distant area using WAN. The exam course topics include the basics of routing and switching, network concepts, and its terminology.
Cisco offers CCNA exams in either a combination exam or two separate exams. The combo exam is 200-125 Accelerated Cisco CCNA. The two separate exams are 100 -105 ICND1 or ICND2. However, the syllabus for both exams is divided into sections. This exam does not require or recommend any qualifications. The exam lasts 90 minutes. It contains approximately 50-60 questions and costs about 325 USD. To pass the exam, candidates must score at least 75 per cent.
A CCNA certified person is qualified to work as a network administrator, network engineer, or network support specialist, as well as other jobs. The highest-paid job is CCNA data center. Candidates will be paid thousands of dollars for a CCNA certificate.
CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professionals) Certification
The CCNP Certification is one of the most sought-after Cisco Certifications for networking professionals. Professionals with one year of industry experience and who are looking for growth in their career.