Pentagon Asks for More Cybersecurity Funding

The Pentagon requested $800 million more funding than it requested last year. This includes investments in zero trust architecture (DIB) and support for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). According to budget documents, this request also includes five cyber mission force teams, making a total of 142. It is not surprising that they request billions of dollars for cyberspace activities within […]

March 2020 Microsoft, Adobe and Cisco CVEs/Security Updates

CVE’s and Patches – Find out what’s happening to your cyber security in the COVID-19 pandemic. Big Microsoft Patch March 10, 2020 Microsoft continues its mega patch release trend with 115 vulnerabilities this month. This patch cycle will be particularly challenging for organizations as they have to shift to work-from home and other business continuity strategies. It is important to […]

How to build a successful employee training program

A program to train employees, especially in technology-related companies, is essential for staying ahead of your industry. However, it is not easy to develop talent. Your program should equip employees with the skills they need to excel, while also demonstrating business value and a measurable return of investment (ROI). Ryan Landry, President of our organization, was our guest. To learn […]

7 IT Roles Every Modern Company Must Have to Stay Competitive

Your IT team is the backbone for your company. It keeps employees productive and information accessible. However, IT roles can be difficult to fill. IT is the engine that propels your business forward, from daily user support to complex system integration. Because technology is constantly changing, IT staff must be well-equipped to meet the demands of mobile-first consumers and keep […]

Your Top Five Zero Trust Architecture Questions (ZTA)

Ifyou’re concerned about ZeroTrustArchitectureadoption,you’renot alone.It’sslowly becoming a necessity as cyber threatsadvance,and more companies do their business online.Zero Trustisn’ta newconcept. “Zero Trust” was first published in a Forrester Research paper entitled “No More Chewy Centers”: Introducing the Zero Trust Model for Information Security, 2010. [1] The concept is based on the idea that a traditional parameter-edge model is where a firewall […]

Why is Cybersecurity so difficult?

Despite nearly 20 years of effort and billions of dollars invested, why is cybersecurity still a problem for organizations? The problem seems to be getting worse not better. This question cannot be answered by a technical examination of cybersecurity. “> The technical challenges are real. We don’t know how code can be written without bugs. If you look at cybersecurity […]

Why Data Center Virtualization is Critical for Companies

Virtualization is an essential part of modern IT. However, not everyone is familiar with it. This can make it difficult for technical teams to virtualize their most important assets such as servers, desktops and data centers. Software-defined data centers have become a key part of business operations and organizations cannot afford to miss these opportunities. Gartner, an IT research firm, […]

Top 4 Cybersecurity Certifications

Cybersecurity is an important topic these days, especially for the business sector. It’s no surprise that many administrators are afraid of data breaches, as there have been so many high-profile cases where customer information was stolen. This fear is not unfounded. Centrify conducted a study and found that 66% of American customers would stop any contact with a company that […]

Top 10 I.T. Predictions Top 10 Predictions for I.T.

Gartner’s predictions, and the series supporting them, show how CIOs need to seek out and excel as business strategists first and technologist second. CIOs will have greater responsibility in 2018 and beyond for revenue generation, value creation, as well as the development and launch new business models using established and emerging technologies. Gartner’s ten predictions indicate that CIOs will be […]

Essential Training for Project Managers Today

Solutions for Project Managers at All Levels In today’s market, project management is a highly sought-after skill. Due to increased competition and growing business needs, employees must be able to multitask and manage daily projects. Employers are looking for project managers with the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification. To be a successful project manager and help companies grow, you need […]