5 Tips to Optimize Your Cyber Crisis Preparedness [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Cyber Crisis Preparedness [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every organization is vulnerable to security breaches that can be costly. Do you feel confident in your team’s ability and capability to deal with a cyber-crisis. These five tips will optimize your preparedness. They will ensure that your team thinks clearly and is confident to make the right decisions.
Security breaches can be costly for businesses. They cost an average of $4 million per year. Security teams need to be able to think clearly and confidently in order to make the right decisions when the worst happens. Here are five ways you can better prepare yourself for a cyber-attack.

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What is Cybersecurity?
TheU.S. The U.S. Department of Defense defines Cybersecurity as “Prevention of damage, protection of, restoration of computers, electronics systems, electronic communication services, wire communication and electronic communication to ensure its availability and integrity, authentication and confidentiality, and nonrepudiation.”
But what does this really mean?
Cybersecurity refers to the protective software, hardware, as well as a set of best practices that IT professionals use to protect everything, from private data to physical servers and networks. Cybersecurity threats include Malware, Viruses and Worms, Trojans and Spyware. Data protection is becoming a crucial part of any organization’s leadership strategy and governance strategy due to the constant occurrence of data breaches, and attacks on confidential and sensitive information. It is a rapidly growing field, and there is a demand for cybersecurity certifiedIT professionals. This webinar will help you understand the difference between Cybersecurity and Data Privacy.
Why should I get Cybersecurity Certifications?
Information security training is essential for companies that want to increase their workforce’s skills. Certain certifications will give you an advantage over other candidates for open-job positions.
Cybersecurity training is important and beneficial
With so much importance on cybersecuritycertifications, how doyou ensure you are prepared for certification? Students themselves can see the benefits of cybersecurity training. In a New Horizons survey, 91% of students felt that cybersecurity training prepared them for certification. Cybersecurity training is more than just about achieving certification. It also has a positive impact on your job productivity, according to a survey of IT professionals.
How much does cyber security training run?
Cyber security training costs can range from $2,475 up to $3,395 depending upon the course chosen. You can browse the options below or contact us today to find the right course for you.