Things that Make Computer Experts Squirm

Computer experts are often amazed at the things that make them squirm Computer Worms The worm consumes bandwidth and causes overload to servers. These codes can steal data or create backdoors that allow other systems to control the system. They can spread to other systems through all means. Worms modify or delete files in the system, thereby overloading it and […]

Skype for Business Yes

Skype for Business is now Lync Skype for Business is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends while you are away from work. It makes it easy to find and connect to co-workers and will be a big hit with those who already use Skype. You can also use the devices that you already own to […]

New Horizons Learning Group teams up with Burstorm to tackle the cloud skills gap with first-ever hands-on infrastructure design training

New Horizons Learning Group is a top training partner for VMware and Microsoft, Red Hat, Red Hat, Red Hat, Red Hat, and Cisco. Burstorm, a cloud design platform provider, has entered into a unique partnership to help address the cloud skills gap by providing hands-on training to cloud architects, solution engineers, and IT professionals. New Horizons will use Burstorm’s intelligent […]

How to: Government Procurement for IT Training Subsidy via GSA

Over 40 million government procurement options are linked to more than 17,000 schedule contracts through MAS (Multiple Award Schedule). Eighty percent of these options are for small businesses. Although it may seem like a lot to find the right contractor, the MAS Program is an easy and cost-effective way to order services via the GSA eLibrary. These steps will help […]

Citrix GoTo Products Find A New Home

Citrix, a virtualization software company, recently announced on its website that it would split its GoTo product line into a separate company. These products include GoToMyPC, which allows you to virtualize your desktop from anywhere. Current Citrix investors will receive shares in both companies following the split. The separation will not be complete until late 2016, but there is a […]

FAQs: Transitioning to ITIL v3 from v4

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in November 2018. It has been revised and updated for accuracy and completeness. ITILv3 is a great way to get to ITIL4 if you are already advanced. The ITIL Managing Professional Transition Module covers the core elements of the ITIL Manage Professional stream. This module requires you to pass a mandatory training component […]

Collaboration Technologies for Productivity During Travel Restrictions

Many companies are already suffering from the inconvenience caused by COVID-19’s travel restrictions. You’ve probably seen it on television: cancellations of events, travel bans and more companies requiring employees to work from home until this pandemic is under control. Perhaps your company has already put in place travel restrictions. Do you have a communication plan in place for remote employees? […]

Cloud Security Issues are Well Behind Us, Or Are They?

Microsoft Azure is part of the 3 main components of the cloud computing XaaS family consisting of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Azure is both IaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Their overall business benefits are to help organizations “achieve their business outcomes”. Let’s take a look at one of the benefits of Azure – Security. […]

Cloud Planning, Design, and Optimization with Burstorm

Cloud is fast becoming an IT “religion”, with many thought leaders and designers claiming that cloud is their best choice. There are thousands of potential providers in tens of thousands locations, creating trillions of combinations in the global market. Every day, the market changes. Performance changes. Pricing changes. Services can change. Are you willing to risk your career for your […]

Which Training Institution of Network Engineer Certification Can Provide High-quality Video Courses?

Network engineers are very popular in the IT talent market, mainly because the demand for network technology is very large now. A large number of companies, enterprises and some small organizations are becoming inseparable from the network. If you want to be a qualified network engineer, you must either major in related subjects or participate in special training of network […]