Linux: How 5 Package Managers Work

Fedora was the first Linux distribution that I used in the late 1990s. The Linux desktop was not as sophisticated as it is today. Gnome and KDE did not have graphical interfaces that provided the kind of user experience that offered subtle hints about how to manage basic operating system functions like software installation. I learned that many Linux applications […]

Governance, Risk, Compliance, Security, and Security for Cloud Computing

Bart Castle, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge DevOps professionals must have to approach governance, risk, and compliance in the cloud. This 12-video training will ensure that your requirements are clearly identified, and your solutions address them. This is the CompTIA training. The cloud is now a part of almost every aspect of business life. This means that governance, risk, and […]

Are You a Certified A+? These are your next steps

CompTIA A+ certification can be a great achievement! It is a great achievement that you should celebrate. We have some suggestions for you to follow after the celebrations are over. These will help you set yourself up for continued success. Master your Talking Points Now that you have been certified, it is time to find out how to best communicate […]

PowerShell: Going beyond servers

PowerShell sounds like something you would find in Super Mario Brothers or Mario Kart. If you are familiar with PowerShell, this may be how you feel. It makes you feel like you have something to solve any problem. (By the by, here’s a Mario Powershell theme so you can even have sound effects. If you aren’t using PowerShell and you […]

Get Started with CBT Nuggets AWS Labs Tool

I love to eat buffets. I’m a consumer, and I enjoy having things prepared and managed for me. This is why cloud computing is so appealing to me. It’s not like being charged for hidden fees. Nothing is worse than getting billed for extra services. Womp womp. IT can be challenging. It requires a lot of experimentation, lab time, and […]

Futuristic Security Tools Now Available

Technology is changing rapidly and many organizations still use the same security tools from years past. There are many exciting new technologies available in the network security market, as well as clever takes on old themes. It is important to be aware and understand the benefits of the technologies available to your team. Deception-Based Defenses Organizations spend a lot of […]

From Managing to Developing: The Next Step in a SharePoint Career

Now you can start to make SharePoint work like a kitten. Managers will compliment you on the significant improvement in collaboration and the ability to access important information anywhere. Congratulations! The usual questions will always follow… Could the interface be customized to match our company’s style? Can this be integrated with other software? Could the process be simplified so that […]

Wireless: From 0G to5G: A Brief History

Our ancestors relied on primitive communications technology just a few generations back. It’s all relative. The major innovation was Wired Telegraphy, which crisscrossed the United States. The advent of wireless telegraphy, which is radio, made it possible to have a conversation without using cables. The range of services has been expanded by the many improvements made to radio communications over […]

7 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Cloud Provider

It can be difficult to compare these cloud giants with so many features and services. This comparison will show you how Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud IaaS, and PaaS platforms stack up against each other. We’ll discuss seven factors to consider before you choose a cloud provider that suits your business. Comparing AWS Vs. Azure Vs. Google […]