Citrix GoTo Products Find A New Home

Citrix GoTo Products Find A New Home

Citrix, a virtualization software company, recently announced on its website that it would split its GoTo product line into a separate company. These products include GoToMyPC, which allows you to virtualize your desktop from anywhere. Current Citrix investors will receive shares in both companies following the split.
The separation will not be complete until late 2016, but there is a lot of buzz in the IT community about the future of the GoTo virtualization products. This new company has the potential for a lot of success, with these features earning Citrix $600 million in the 12 months leading up to September 2015.
Reorienting and restructuring your efforts to get there
Larry Dignannoted, a ZDNet contributor, said that Citrix’s recent changes should allow it to expand its operations significantly in the future. The company expects to continue seeing growth acceleration in its core strategic products, and services, in 2017. Citrix is taking a risky step here. There may be some growing pains in such a major change. This is a necessary step in a company’s efforts to restructure its business model.
This separation will benefit GoTo customers who will no longer need to be supported by a company that is not focused on their needs. Citrix can also spend more time creating products outside of the GoTo family. Bob Calderoni, the interim CEO, president, and executive chairman of Citrix, believes that this separation will allow Citrix the opportunity to improve other areas of the company’s business.
Calderoni stated that the separation would create a pure-play SaaS company with a focused focus and the flexibility to invest in its products portfolio. Citrix will be able to refocus its investment and increase its commitment to our core mission of enabling secure and reliable delivery apps and data to modern enterprises.
Citrix certification holders will benefit
Although the entire move will not be completed until next year, those who have Citrix training are going to reap the benefits. Virtualization is hot right now. MarketsandMarkets expects the application market to reach $2.6 billion by 2020. This split will allow GoTo to restructure its product and hopefully gain new business.
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