Five Signs Your Team and You Could Benefit from IT Training

Five Signs Your Team and You Could Benefit from IT Training

It takes a commitment to a career as an IT professional. Systems administrators, technicians, and other IT professionals need to constantly update and expand their skills. Technology can change quickly in just a few years. Take the public cloud computing example.
In 2006, IT professionals would have little to no experience with what we now call “the cloud.” Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and other similar services were still in the early days. Microsoft Office was similar to that program, which was bought every two years as a license. Word 2007 would replace Word 2003, but it was still years away from becoming subscription-based Office 365.
This is why it is so important to train. Let’s take a look at five indicators that your IT skills may need an update.
1. Your company is newly committed to data analytics
Dice.com conducted a survey in early 2016 and found that Apache Spark was the fastest-growing IT skill. Spark is essential for large data processing, which many organizations must now address regularly. Vouchercloud claims that enough data is being created each day to fill 10 million Blu-ray Discs. The vast majority of world’s data was produced within the last few years. This is why it is so important to learn big data skills.
2. Chat is now more important in how your company works
Slack, Atlassian HipChat, and Microsoft Teams have all been a part of intraorganizational communication over the past few years. These apps have the appeal of being very similar to popular consumer services like SMS, Apple iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. It is easier to get a grip on them if you are familiarized with platforms like Office 365, which now offers Microsoft Teams as a complimentary extra.

3. Your team should make mobile apps a top priority
Since the late 2000s, a lot of the energy used in software development has been shifting from desktop apps to mobile apps. This is a natural shift considering the rise in mobile internet usage. Mobile development requires solid infrastructure. Azure is a public cloud that can provide this infrastructure. Parts of Azure can be used by companies with strict security and control requirements.
“Much of the energy involved in software development has moved from desktoptomobile.”
4. Finance department is moving beyond spreadsheets
Many accountants and finance professionals still rely on Excel and manual processes to manage their books. However, there has been a shift to more use of enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management software to replace legacy solutions. IT workers need to be proficient in Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics so they can assist with the transition to modern financial technology.
5. You haven’t earned any certifications in a while
IT certifications in technologies like Office 365 and Azure are a proof of your relevant experience in high-demand areas. You can refresh your skills if it’s been a while. New Horizons Career Development Solutions offers specific training to prepare you for the changing IT landscape.