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Now you can easily buy a property in Spain and will have no problems financing it. Below you will find all the information you need during the mortgage process. Fill out the form and within 24 hours you get a free mortgage quote!

Whether you need to finance the purchase of a property here in Spain , the Canaries or Balearics, we endeavour to obtain the best product currently available for your personal circumstances.

We are constantly searching the market and updating our products and are able to offer preferential rates to clients as we negotiate with several major Spanish lenders.

For non residents we offer capital repayment mortgages up to 80% LTV with a maximum term of 40 years (depending on age), interest only up to 60% LTV with a maximum term of 30 years or combined mortgages with part of the term interest only then converting to capital repayment.


We also have equity release products available, re-mortgages up to 80% LTV and construction mortgages up to 70% LTV for stage payment build release.

For those who already own a property which needs to be sold but already found a new one, we offer a bridging finance. This ensures you that you don't lose the property you want while waiting to sell the one you already own.

For Residents we can offer mortgages up to 100% LTV subject to documentation.

Our professional staff will take the stress out of the mortgage process for you, ensuring you are guided and informed throughout every step of the process. Our staff can speak Spanish, English, Dutch, German and French, so language should never be a barrier. We can process your mortgage from abroad and with the required information, our online quote form will provide you with a mortgage offer in principle.

The offer will provide you with all the information needed, explain the process thoroughly, the products available to you, costs involved and exactly what documentation we require to proceed with an application. If you prefer to discuss your application you can call us and our highly qualified Mortgage Advisors will provide you with accurate professional advice. Alternatively, you are welcome to arrange an appointment and come into our office to discuss your requirements.

Once you have decided on a property, your first responsibility is to obtain a NIE number (Spanish equivalent of a UK National Insurance number). This number is required for any transaction regarding your mortgage. You need this to open a bank account, to instruct valuations on your chosen property and the NIE number is legally required before you sign on completion. Therefore, the sooner you obtain it then the easier the process will be for you.

Once you have your NIE number we would then:
????? ensure your mortgage was placed with the best lender for your requirements,
????? open your bank account with them, instruct the valuation for the purchase of your property,
????? ensure your mortgage deeds are drawn up correctly,
????? arrange a notary date for your mortgage and ensure the lender attends with you.

We also recommend that all of our clients have a Solicitor here in Spain , this ensures that all aspects of your purchase are legal and that your property is debt free. There are many Solicitors here in Spain, specialising in property purchase and speaking various languages.

We also ensure that throughout the whole process you are kept updated and informed of all progress and costs so that you understand the process, and we are happy to deal with any queries you have during the process and even after completion.


In addition, we can also negotiate an insurance quote for your property, for buildings or contents and buildings (this is legally required prior to any lender releasing your mortgage).

We ensure you the whole process from your initial enquiry through to completion is kept as simple and uncomplicated for you as achievable, so that you are able to get the property you want and enjoy it with as little fuss as possible.

All enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence and with no obligation. For your total peace of mind, contact us and let us advise you on all your domestic or commercial needs throughout Spain and Europe.

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