How a CCP–M Certification Can Make You Stand Out in the IT Workforce

How a CCP–M Certification Can Make You Stand Out in the IT Workforce

Citrix has been a pioneer in enterprise mobile management, mainly through its XenMobile platform. Gartner, an IT research firm, recently ranked XenMobile as a Leader within its Magic Quadrant Enterprise Mobility Management. This indicates Citrix’s dominant position in helping IT organizations manage the increasing number of smartphones, tablets, and other endpoints in their businesses.
The company’s Mobile Analytics Report 2015 showed several striking trends in enterprise mobility.
Global device enrollment – primarily of hardware running the Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone operating systems -jumped 72 percent from 2013 to 2015. iOS alone accounted for nearly two-thirds of enrollment.Ninety percent of surveyed companies reported enforcing password policies on mobile devices; this figure was much higher than for any other policy, including virtual private networks, Wi-Fi limitationsand various content restrictions.Whitelisting and blacklisting – i.e., allowing or banning – of popular applications are standard practices in EMM. Citrix’s report highlighted that popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and other mail clients topped the list of whitelisted and blacklisted applications. These are standard practices in EMM. These shifts increase the stakes for EMM solutions that work.
What should an enterprise mobility platform offer?
EMM software that is worth its salt should balance security and ease of use when managing devices and their applications. It must possess the following core capabilities in order to achieve this:
1. Synergy with bring-your-own-device initiatives
After the adoption of BlackBerries, then the early iPhones by many businesses, BYOD was a prominent concept in enterprise mobility. This concept allows employees to integrate their personal devices into company networks and apps.
There are clear tradeoffs in a BYOD policy. Employees have more control over their devices and greater convenience, but overall corporate cybersecurity could be compromised as IT may not be able to protect all endpoints. Many BYOD projects are too complex to be successful in practice.
XenMobile supports BYOD without requiring device enrollment. It can perform remote wipe and single sign on policies and centralize app and device oversight from one console.
2. Support for mobile app development
Let’s say your company has created a mobility program. Now what? What apps will your end-users be able to access? You may find yourself reacting to consumer-grade programs, such as social media and public cloud services, that your employees love.
It is important to have the right infrastructure in place for your business applications. Citrix Secure Forms is part of XenMobile, which allows even non-technical users create secure apps without having to enter a single line or code.
Citrix ShareFile and StorageZones both simplify compliance and storage. Secure Forms provides everyone, from police officers to healthcare workers, more tools for their job.

3. Easy app delivery to any device
Many native applications that are at the heart of enterprise IT are not intuitive to use or easy to translate to mobile. Administrators expect full-featured programs for email, note taking, and calendar management.
XenMobile allows you to have a complete suite of apps securely containerized with CitrixMDX technology. These utilities include ShareConnect (for remote desktop accessibility), Secure Forms for workflow automation, and QuickEdit (for mobile edit), among others.
“With XenMobile you get a complete suite of apps safely contained with Citrix MDX technology.”
These programs make it easy to work with documents while on the move. Organizations get more value out of their BYOD initiatives, mobile apps, and other digital tools.
4 Compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 Apps
Skyhigh Networks analysis shows that Microsoft Office 365 was the most popular enterprise cloud service within five years of its launch. It allows secure access to popular Office apps from almost any device.
IT administrators can publish public Office apps to users using the XenMobile Store and revoke privileges as necessary. XenMobile also allows “open in” functionality. You can open certain file types in the appropriate Office apps, e.g. Secure Mail can send an email to Office 365.
Master XenMobile with CCP-M certification
Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility certification (CCP-M), is the best way for you to show your mastery of XenMobile to coworkers and employers. The CCP-M distinction can be obtained at any of our 10 nearest locations. We offer manyCitrix technical training courses, as well a variety of Cisco and Microsoft technologies training.