How to Fast Get PMP(r), Certification

This article is for you if you are a working professional looking to advance your career and want to know how to quickly get PMP(r).
This article will tell you about the benefits of this certification, how to obtain your PMP(r), certification successfully in 6 weeks, and give you some tips to help with your study. You will also find amazing paid and free resources throughout the article. Keep reading!
Why should you obtain the PMP(r), certification?
According to the Project Management Institute, (PMI), PMP(r), certificate holders in the U.S. make 25 percent more than those who don’t have the PMP(r). This alone is an excellent reason to obtain the PMP(r).
There are also other benefits, aside from the possibility of higher remuneration. It is widely accepted by 80 countries, making the PMP(r), certification globally accepted.
The PMP(r), which certifies that you are a skilled worker, also means that there is a higher demand for your labor. The certification is a proof of your dedication to the craft and your extensive knowledge and experience in your chosen field. This certification will make you more valuable than your competition in the job market. It will increase your chances of getting hired at your dream company and being promoted.
How to Fast Get PMP(r), Certification
Here are 13 steps to help you pass your PMP(r), and get your PMP(r), certification quickly.
You must ensure that you are eligible to take the PMP(r).
Before we can get into the details of getting PMP(r), you should first check that you meet the requirements of PMI for eligibility. The most obvious requirement is that you have real-world experience in project management.
The requirements are based on whether you have a four year degree. If you have a four-year degree, you will need 36 months of experience in leading projects and 35 hours of education or training in project management.
You can, however, sit for the PMP(r), even if you don’t have a four year degree. You would need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree or some equivalent global qualification in that case. You will also need to have 60 months experience in leading projects, and 35 hours of education or training in project management, or the CAPM (r)(r).
Congratulations if you meet the requirements. You are eligible. If you are not eligible, you can apply again after gaining more training and experience.
Become a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
Although it will cost you money, being a PMI member in the year you plan to take the PMP(r), exam will help you save even more. How is this possible?
PMI members pay US$405.00 for the exam, while non-members pay US$555.00. PMP(r), exam registrations are discounted by US$150.00 for members. The new PMI membership fee is US$139.00. This means that even after taking the membership fee into account, you will still need US$11.00 to register for the exam than candidates who aren’t PMI members.
Membership renewal costs US$129.00 per year. We recommend that you become a PMI member as soon as you are ready to take the PMP(r).
You will also be able to download the PMBOK (r)(r), which is related to our next point.
Get the Official PMBOK(r),(r) Guide
“A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge” is the flagship publication of PMI and a great resource for PMP(r). It is a guide to project planning inputs, outputs, techniques, and is useful for anyone who doesn’t plan to take the PMP (r) exam. It is constantly updated to reflect any new changes.