Quick Travel Guide to Segovia

Quick Travel Guide to Segovia

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by Lonnie – January 15, 2019March 28, 20190Segovia has countless splendors to offer its visitors. From the 1st century Roman aqueduct to the tasty menu options, this historic destination has something for everyone.
Getting There; Madrid from Segovia by Bullet Train
Segovia is easily accessed by car. Alternatively, train and bus are both great options.
Renfe offers an AVE bullet line from the Chamartin station in Madrid; the trip takes about 30 minutes. The train station in Segovia is located 4 km outside the city center, but the bus to the center runs frequently.
Alternatively, the bus from Madrid to Segovia departs from the Principe Pio bus station. The trip takes about an hour and a half depending on traffic, and the Segovia bus station is located only a five-minute walk from the Roman aqueduct in the historic city center.The Roman Aqueduct; Segovia’s Main Attraction

This antique marvel of Roman architecture dominates the beginning of the historic section of Segovia. Large and impressive, this well-preserved aqueduct is twenty centuries old! It was built to bring water to Segovia from the closest river–over 18 km away.
Many restaurant terraces surround the tallest portion of the aqueduct in nice weather, and it is common to see numerous artists painting this grand scene.
The Alcazar of Segovia; Spain’s Fairy Tale Palace
The Alcazar, situated on a tall hilltop, holds a beautiful view of Castilla y Leon, but the castle itself is even more stunning. With its bright blue spires and tall towers, this castle has been an inspiration to countless artists, including Walt Disney.
Madrid is a well-rounded travel destination. With its renowned museums, parks, shopping, entertainment, and gastronomy, this city has something for everyone.The Alcazar began as a Moorish fort, but was captured by Alfonso VI’s Christian troops in the 11th century, and was transformed into a favorite palace of Spanish kings.
Self-tours of the palace are convenient and inexpensive.
La Dama de Las Catedrales Españoles; The Dame of the Spanish Cathedrals
Segovia’s gothic cathedral overlooks the city’s Plaza Mayor, or Main Square. It’s impressive architectural design will stun artists and historians alike.
This cathedral was commissioned in 1525 and built by Juan Gil de Hontañón. His sons completed the project after his death.
Segovian Food; Postres Segoviana
The postres Segoviana, or Segovian desserts, are especially well-known in Spain. Specials include leche frita (or “fried milk”), arroz con leche (rice pudding), and el ponche Segoviano (a typical Segovian cake with marzipan).
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