Six Ways Automation Can Change How IT Manages Service Delivery and Delivery

Six Ways Automation Can Change How IT Manages Service Delivery and Delivery

Automation is here! Automation allows organizations to eliminate defects and redundancies. This will allow you and your team more time and productivity. Here are six ways that businesses, including New Horizons Learning Group are using automation to manage IT services.
Help Desks – Ticketing Systems
Help Desk is home to one of the most automated IT services, which includes the basic ticketing system. Our ticketing system includes automation tools that can categorize, escalate, and in some casesauto-resolve tickets using scripts. While ticketing systems are most commonly used in IT, we have expanded this model to other service centres within our organization, including Operations and F&A.
Automate Workflows
Automation can do some of the mundane but necessary tasks that are essential to maintain business operations. This is the beauty of automation. This is best quantified by the opportunity cost of our team working on higher-level activities where they can add value that automation cannot. This has allowed our team to move into new projects and skills, allowing them to better serve the organization.
Faster Change Management Process
“Woo-Hoo! Let’s roll out a new system,” declared no IT Team ever. We all know that new systems and strategies can cause disruption to clients, business, and our internal processes. Effective change management is essential. Some organizations are able to make smooth transitions from project management to operating system management with automation.
Install updates, more accurate and faster
If you’re anything like us, there are software, hardware, and system updates that must be updated regularly. Automation can help. The ITIL framework can be used to identify and fix problems in an organization’s agile environment. It also pinpoints processes that could benefit from automation. This includes office updates, classroom configuration, and a new process that required passwords be changed and made more secure every 90-days.
Streamline Employee Onboarding
Automating new hires is a great way to get your organization up and running if you don’t already. Access to various internal systems is required for new employees to be able to access them. Instead of asking the employee or hiring manager to request access, automate the process so it is requested automatically. This has saved us more than 150 hours of help desk support over the past year.
Enhance Customer Experience and Satisfaction
Automation is not just about IT. Its greatest impact is on your business and clients. ITSM automation is about improving client and customer service. Every department will rely on automation at some point. Students who enroll in courses will receive automated emails that give them access to our systems. These emails include access to our systems to create their profile, launch their course and download digital courseware.
Automation is no longer viewed as a threat for traditional job roles, but rather a way to leverage your team and your talents, and your organization.
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