Software Review: Vizzlo [2022]

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This Vizzlo review was written in 2016. It has been updated to reflect any changes in the tool. You can still see graphics created using Vizzlo throughout this site.
General Information
Name: Vizzlo
Vendor: Vizzlo
Hosting options available only for the web
Cost and plans: Vizzlo branding is included on all images. Professional Plans start at $11 per Month. There are also options for businesses that include sharing images among team members starting at $45 per month for 5 places.
Languages: English
Software Reviews: What Happens?
This is how I normally go about the software review process.
Software company: We have a really cool product that we would like you to review.
Me: Oh?
Software company: It does 1000 different things, and it will take you hours of research and review to fully understand them all. But it’s really great.
Me: Will it be something I use in my daily life?
Me (answering me): No. I’m content with the tools I have thanked.
Software company: Will you review it?
Me: Meh. Maybe.
It began the same way with Vizzlo: Dear Elizabeth, We love your blog. Please review our software.
Then I saw it. I bought it.
This has only happened once with Apollo (which I don’t actually use anymore).
Goodbye Mediocre Business Graphics
Regular readers will know that I have been balancing two jobs for a while. I am a writer, speaker, and author at, and I was a salaried project manger until the autumn 2019.
Vizzlo has helped me create graphics for both my roles.
It has been used to help my boys with their homework. Do you need to mark the Roman empire on an a map? No problem! Vizzlo offers a map graphic that allows you to toggle on and off any country, zoom in to the area you want to print, and more.
Vizzlo offers over 75 templates graphics, covering everything from Venn diagrams and milestone charts to maps and timelines.
It also includes Gantt charts as well as waterfall diagrams. These are not meant to replace my trusted project management tools for scheduling. However, it is useful to create a summary, pretty-looking Gantt charts summary for stakeholders who don’t understand a 1000-line MS Project Plan.
Here’s another picture that took less time (shush, don’t tell anyone). I would rather you all think I spent hours creating custom graphics.
You can see the branding in the footer, as well as the brand color scheme. I switch between profiles to be able to create them in my company branding (for salaried jobs) and blog branding. Also, for my niche forest school blog like this one.
It is very pretty and easy to put together.
Creating Your First Vizzard
I don’t understand why they called them Vizzards, and not Graphics or something that made sense. The library is filled with Vizzards (i.e. You can start by looking at the templates in the library.
VizzloChoose the project you want to create. There are limited options – you cannot start with a blank sheet and add icons. However, there is enough material to create beautiful slides for presentations and project communications. The company adds new designs every day.
I love the holiday-themed ones and have a few favorites. You will find the right graphic for you, whether you are looking for something specific or something for project teams.
Let’s make a simple milestone plan for rhombus, using colorful blocks. After selecting it from the Market, I hit Create to open my edit screen.
This is what you will see if your account is paid for. If you choose to have a free account, you won’t have all the options to customize the color.
It is easy to add units to any template. The page size is fixed, however, I have found this to be true. The number of words you can fit into each box, rhombi, or other boxes will increase as you add more boxes.