Spanish Driving Laws and Traffic Offenses

Spanish Driving Laws and Traffic Offenses

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by Lonnie – February 28, 2019March 28, 20190After registering your car in Spain, the next thing to do is to understand the Spanish Driving laws. Lack of knowledge on these rules won’t be accepted when charged with traffic offenses. A good start will be to read and understand the violation and offense laws as listed in the Direction General de Traffico (DGT). But if you have no time or don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. This guide will elaborate on what is regarded as a traffic offense by the Spanish government as well as the fines you are likely to pay.
Pedestrians will face court charges if they exercise, unruly behaviour on the roads.
Pedestrians should cross the roads hurriedly unless there’s a justifiable reason. If caught walking on a crossway slowly, even if it’s a zebra crossing, that will lead to a penalty of €80. (We have never heard of this being enforced, but it is a matter of courtesy anyway!)
It is prohibited to walk in a lane designated for vehicles or bicycles. If caught, the offender will pay €200 fine.
Pedestrians must not walk along the road or crossroads at spots that are not designated for crossing. Failure to do that attracts a penalty of €80.
Lack of adhering to the pedestrain traffic lights will see the offender paying a fine of €200.
Dangerous and Prohibited Driving
It is an offense to organize or indulge in illegal car races. You’ll pay a €500 fine.
Double parking traffic offenses carry a fine of €200.
You should give way for the vehicle that has the right to that way. Failure to observe that will result in a fine.
A driver should not increase speed when about to be overtaken.
Reversing at the wrong time and place, for instance, on a main road is considered an offense and leads to a penalty of €200.
If caught overtaking a vehicle and driving immediately in front of it you are likely to pay a fine of €200.
Hooting without an appropriate reason attracts a penalty of €80.
Parking on or driving on the pavement is a crime that carries a €200 fine.
Your backplate license ought to be illuminated, or otherwise, you’ll pay a fine of €200.
The condition of the Vehicle
If your vehicle has no bumper a fine of 200€ may be imposed.
Driving without a shirt or with flipflops is considered a crime which is worth €200 Euros. The law believes lack of aa ppropriate driving attire can cause you to be incapable of controlling the situation in times of emergencies.
Flat tires or tires that are in poor condition shouldn’t be on the road unless you want to pay a fine of 200€.
It is a crime to set your vehicle on gear and let it skid purposefully. If caught, you’ll be 100€ out of pocket.
Don’t drive a car that has not passed the ITV (MOT) unless you are ready to pay 500€.
Throwing objects from your car is illegal and attracts a €200 penalty.
Driving a car whose number plate hasn’t been approved or is in poor condition could result in the offender paying an €80 fine.
You’ll pay €200 if caught driving with headphones listening to music.
Failing to inform the DGT about changing your address could lead to at least €80 fine.
Failure to renew your driving license attracts a penalty of €200.
If you didn’t carry your license at the time you were stopped, even if it is up-to-date, you’ll face a penalty of not less than €10. It is a criminal offense to drive around when your license has been withdrawn and you’ll pay much more.
You’ll face imprisonment of between 3 to 6 months or do community service for between 31 to 90 days if you are found with a driving license whose points have been used up or you lost the points that were awarded to you legally. The same also applies to a person who drives a vehicle after the judge has revoked their license or has not completed the full term of their ban.
The above are just some of the Spanish traffic laws. But we think driving under the influence of drink or drugs, speeding, or driving without insurance goes without saying. See the DGT website for full rules and regulations.
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