Top 7 High-Paying IT Certifications to Advance Your Career in 2020

April 8, 2020Finding the highestpaying certifications in 2020 should be a priority of every successfulprofessional. Many people have turned towards the IT industry. It can be difficult to find a job that provides financial security and fulfillment. This shouldn’t be a reason to give up. If you are IT-savvy and are looking to build a career in this area, there is a lot of demand.
It is essential to keep up with the latest trends in IT. This will ensure that you remain relevant in the ever-evolving sector. These trends are crucial for IT professionals around the globe. These trends have changed the way employers shortlist applicants to be hired.
You want to improve your IT skills and acquire new badges if you are looking to advance your IT career. This will allow you to be eligible for lucrative job opportunities based on the list of highest-paid certificates. Let’s take a closer look at them.
1. CRISC: Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control
Specialists who are pursuing this highly sought-after credential will need to be assessed in a variety of areas. Assessment, mitigation, response, identification are all part of the assessment. The examinees will also need to be assessed on control monitoring and reporting. To be eligible, they must have at least three years’ experience in the field. Students should have the ability to identify and mitigate risk. These skills are required to obtain CRISC. CRISC certification requires you to pass four objectives. These objectives include IT risk identification, risk response and mitigation, risk assessment, and risk and control monitoring and reporting. You can earn up to $121,000 as a certified professional.
2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
This Amazon certification is currently one of the most popular. This credential certifies that one has the knowledge and skills to use various design systems on Amazon Web Services. This credential is for specialists who have worked in AWS environments. These professionals are experts in large-scale distributed systems. You must pass the SAACO2 exam to earn this associate-level certification. Average salary for certification holders is $113,000.
3. CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
It is a vendor-neutral credential, which is administered and managed primarily by (ISC). This certificate is designed to help professionals gain reliable and current security skills. The demand for CISSP certifications is increasing rapidly, just like many other security-related certifications. This credential is useful if you are looking to improve your network security career. The knowledge and skills gained here are extraordinary. Obtaining CISSP i