Top 7 Most Important Tools to Explore AWS Security

December 5, 2019AWS has remained innovative, offering the possibility to strategically scale itsinfrastructure across enterprises. It also offers exceptional security features and the appropriate services. Although AWStakes absolute responsibility for securing its customers’ infrastructure, it isobvious that configuring its services with best practices is user-dependent.Businesses don’t have to worry because they have provided various offeringsthat make this feasible.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is extremely critical of security issues, offers administrators the tools they need. The simplicity of deployment is a major advantage of the Amazon Web Services Security platform. In some cases, the only thing a business needs to do is subscribe to the service. We’ll be looking at some of the AWS tools available in this blog article. These are the ones you’ll find:
1. GuardDuty
Thistool is known as the watcher on your wall. This tool is a controlled threat detection system that can be easily scaled and deployed in your infrastructure. It can analyze log across all your accounts and services to ensure that everything is protected. Amazon repeatedly claims that GuardDuty can analyze tens to billions of events via Amazon Web Services. It also uses machinelearning to ensure that you receive accurate and actionable reports. This type of data is rare in companies.
This tool can also detect activities that may be associated with account compromise, account compromise, or reconnaissance. This includes data exfiltration, port scanning and unusual API calls. Malware, as well as different attempts to disable log logging. GuardDuty is not able to create custom alerts. AWS considers it a hand-off tool. It can however computerize the remediation of alerts via AWS Lambda, and integrate it into CloudWatch to ensure administrators have one pane.
2. Shield
The AWS Shield service is a DDoS protection service that is managed by AWS. It can protect load balancers and Route 53 resources as well as CloudFront. DDoS protection may not seem like a revolutionary concept, but Amazon claims that approximately 99% of infrastructure flood attacks detected by Shield are mitigated within one second via CloudFront. This tool gives you the ability to manage your network without needing to involve your security team. It is a significant competitive advantage. AWS Shield can protect sites that aren’t hosted in AWS.
3. CloudWatch
This tool is used to monitor almost everything. It monitors all aspects of the AWS infrastructure and ingests metrics and events. This gives the organization visibility into everything that is happening in the environment. If you have worked in the AWS business infrastructure,